Utu Pihikete is a moving story set in

colonial New Zealand about belonging and redemption. A parochial couple learn the true meaning of family through a young orphan.

Directed by Craig Hutchison, Written by

April Phillips, Cinematography by Matt Sharp, Editor Nick Swinglehurst (who also created this trailer), Lighting by Lee Scott, Costume by Cara Louise Waretini, Make Up by Sarah Elford, Art Department by Theo Winjsma.

The haunting and evocative score is by Tane Upjohn-Beatson.

Starring April Phillips, Steven Ray, Ralph Johnson and introducing Victoria Rose Manu.

Letter For Hope is a short film written by

April Phillips, directed by Raquel Roderick and

executive produced by Craig Hutchison of CAS'n'OVA Productions.

The film was made in New Zealand

with cinematography by Matt Sharp. It is a

moving and uplifting story about a desolate old man who must carry out an extraordinary act of compassion in order to help a grieving

young woman and give them both

new hope and purpose in life.

The film stars Don Langridge, April Phillips

and Lorae Parry.

Official Selection at the Sarasota Film Festival (Through Womens Eyes), River Bend Film Festival, Bare Bones Film Festival and recipient of an Honorable Mention prize at the Sunset Film

Festival, Los Angeles.

Thanks to Nick Swinglehurst for creating this trailer.

The song you hear on this trailer features

in the film and is called

Freedom Within by Sunbird7.

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Jackie Wheeler has been released on parole into the Halfway House. 

It’s a fresh start. She can put the drugs and crime behind her, but the safety and

security of these four walls turns into a nightmare which rakes up the past horror that derailed her life. 

What is it, scampering inside the walls? Whose eyes watch her every move? What is it that casts shadows and disturbs her sleep? 

Or is she hallucinating? 

Just because you’re delusional, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.